In “Pujaar Sarki’s” workshop, Aryan, Paul, and Pradeep seen together

A few weeks prior to the film’s filming, director Dinesh Raut organized the “Pujar Sarki” film workshop, where Paul Shah, Anjana Bareilly, and Pradeep Khadka joined the film’s three main protagonists; Anjana Bareilly and Parikasha Limbu, the film’s two main heroines, also participated.

Bikas Subedi wrote the script for the film adaptation of the Pujar and Sarki narrative. It is known that Aryan Sigdel will play Pujar and Pradeep Khadka will play Sarki.

Subhash Bhusal is producing the film. This time, the audience will get to see Aryan and Pradeep in a special get-up. Paul Shah does not have many parts in the film, but it is clear that he plays a significant role. There are rumors that the film’s production team plans to release it in Jestha the following year.

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