Subeksha Khadka says- Prema character matches every woman

The second film ‘Prema’ starring actress Subeksha Khadka will be screened from 17th Chaitra.

Having made her acting debut with director Govindsingh Bhandari’s film ‘Ranveer’, Subeksha is seen in the lead role ‘Prema’.

The character of ‘Prema’ is calm and simple in the understanding of Subeksha. Prema’s character matches every woman. While watching the film, all the women find love in themselves. Prema is a sweet story. The film has become colorful and simple,” she said.

Subeksha was brought up in the city culture. She likes to talk and considers herself a ‘loud person’. But Prema’s character is different from her.

Prema is a bit shy. It took me some time to work on this film. Because at first, it took time to fit the look in order to look loving. For a couple of days, I was confused whether I looked good or not,” she said.

Director Govind says that he prepared the story of the film after being influenced by a real-life woman.

I wanted to make a film based on the character of real love. I have perfected that character in it. In this film, the audience will get a new style of love story. Prema is used more in South as we say Maya in Nepal. Prema’s character is positive and her working style is also good.

In the film, actor Arun Chhetri has romanced with two actresses, Subeksha and Shristi Shrestha.

For a film to be good, the director, script and actors must be good. In Prema, the audience gets everything. I am fully confident that the film will do well,” said Arun.

The film is releasing in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions on the OTT platform.

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