Former Prime Minister Oli at the ‘Gurkha Warrior’ film premiere

The film “Gurkha Warrior” had a spectacular premiere in Kathmandu and will be shown in public on Friday. In attendance were a number of politicians and artists, including former prime minister KP Oli, minister of culture, tourism, and civil aviation Sudan Kirati, RPP chairman Rajendra Lingden, MP Gyanendra Shah, artist Hari Bansh Acharya, and president of the Film Producers Association Nawal Khadka.

Most of the people who attended the premiere gave feedback that the film was good. Leading actors in the Milan Chams-directed film include Ritesh Chams, Vijay Lama, Rebecca Gurung, Shishir Bangdel, Kabita Ale, Rear Rai, and Birup Ghale. The film will be released in 4 languages: ​​Nepali, Hindi, English and Korean.

The film tells the story of the heroic battle that the Gurkha soldiers fought in 1949 during the Second World War in Malaya and the effect that battle had on the families of the soldiers who had fought in the conflict. Suman Rai, Sushmita Rai and Jyoti Raj Rai produced the film, which is distributed by Chams Entertainment under the Cinei Productions banner.

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