Mayor Balen in a picture with Victor Paudel (owner of the Facebook page “Routine of Nepal Band”), his wife, and their daughter.

Balendra Shah (Balen), the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, is well-liked on social media. Balen’s posts on the network receive likes and comments in a matter of seconds. His perspective is distinct as a mayor. He understands the power of science and technology.

In the meantime, Victor Paudel, the owner of the Facebook page “Routine of Nepal Band,” continues to lend his support to Balen. Since before the Balen metropolis mayoral candidate, this page has consistently offered support, and this trend continues to this day.

Victor, also referred to as “Rutine” on social media, appears to be close to Balen because mayor Balen attended Victor and actress Riyasha Dahal’s marriage ceremony in full and talked about the scene in which the two danced in public. It is evident from the photos they share on social media that Mayor Balen and Victor, as well as their wives, are close friends.

Meanwhile, it is seen that these two couples celebrated Valentine’s Day together. From the photos that Victor’s wife, actress Riyasha Dahal, posted on social media, one can infer that they celebrated Valentine’s Day outside of Kathmandu.

Along with Riyasha, her husband Victor, Mayor Balen, his wife Sabina Kafle, and their little daughter can also be seen in the picture. In the family picture, Mayor Shah and Victor are sitting, while Riyasha and Sabina are holding their husband’s hands. Mayor Balen is carrying his daughter in his arms.

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