Comedy reality show ‘Comedy Club with Champions’ closed

The famous comedy reality show ‘Comedy Club with Champions’, which is being broadcast on Nepal Television and OSR Digital, has been stopped broadcasting for some time.

The show was closed after 69 episodes were aired. The production of the program was contracted by 3 Productions with advertising agency Ki Advertising only until the end of Asadh. After the agreement ended, the program was closed.

Bishal Bhandari, the director of the program, has already announced his commitment to come to the audience with ‘Comedy Champion 3’. He said that he took some time off.

Suman Karki, Kailash Karki, Pawan Bhattarai, Usha Rajak, Umesh Rai, Sajan Shrestha, Vicky Agarwal, Maxam Gaudel were performing in the show directed by Vicky Agarwal. Sometimes the presentation of the artists and the subject matter also caused controversy. This show also became a good platform to promote Nepali films.

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