Jassita and Anmol’s look in the upcoming film “Farki Farki”

New images from the movie “Farki Farki,” starring actors Anmol KC and Jassita Gurung, have been released. Both are depicted in the image as romantic avatars.

They both shared the photo on social media. The film’s image was captioned by Anmol with the phrase “A magical love story, farki farki.” The caption mentions that the film is scheduled to be released in 2024.

Directed by Suyog Gurung, the film stars Krishna Malla, Nirmal Sharma, Ravi Kafle, Samriddhi Aryal along with Anmol and Jassita.

Manoj Oli and Ramu Neupane are the co-producers of the love story film. It has already been announced by producer Rohit Adhikari that this movie will be screened on Jestha 10th in honor of Buddha Jayanti.

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