Pramod, Rabindra and Bijay entered in ‘The Unbreakable: Agastya’

Bijay Baral, Pramod Agrahari and Rabindra Jha have joined the cast in ‘Agastya: Chapter 1’. Writer and director Saurabh Chaudhary informed that these famous actors of recent times will play important roles in the film.

Saugat Malla, Malika Mahat and Nazir Hussain have already been roped in for the top roles of the film. It is said that the shooting of the film will begin from Jestha 12th in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. The shooting schedule is 25 days in Gorakhpur and then Saptari in Rajviraj and Kathmandu. It is said that there is a schedule of shooting in Nepal and India for a total of 65 days.

This action thriller film tells the story of the protagonist’s struggle to find his missing girlfriend. This will be the second directorial project of ‘Love Diaries’ fame Chaudhary. Sanjay Lama will shoot the film.

It is understood that Malika will play the role of Saugat’s ‘love interest’ in the film produced by Prakash Malla and Anish Tamang. It is said that the budget of the film will reach three crore rupees. Dark Horse Entertainment announced Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 series on Poush 17.

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