‘Simple Simple Kaanchhi 2’ starring Dipa Shree and Kiran (Video)

“Simple Simple Kaanchhi ko Dimple Purech,” the second sequel to the song “Simple Simple Kanchiko,” which was featured in the fifteen-year-old film “Andaz,” has been released. The video has been released on Rajan Shrestha’s official YouTube channel.

The song, which features the vocals of Nityashiva and Rajan Shrestha, recounts the happy times of love lost in youth when two people unexpectedly cross paths on the street. Babul Giri composed the music and melody for the song, which features lyrics by Shankar Adhikari ‘Ghayal’.

The music video for this song features Kiran KC ‘Ratamakai’ and Dipa Shree Niroula. Child actors Ronis Khadka and Pranita Rokaya have also acted in the video.

Under the direction of Mycall Chand, Saurav Lama handled cinematography for the video, Mycall Step-Up & Arts Academy handled choreography, and Shilan Lamsal handled editing.

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