Koshish Chhetri tied the knot with his sweetheart, Sandhya.

On Magh 17, Wednesday, actor, singer, and musician Koshish Chhetri got married to his longtime partner Sandhya Dhungana, a permanent resident of Hetaunda. Koshish is a resident of Hetaunda as well. The couple was in a relationship for about 5 years.

Sandhya has completed her master’s degree in psychology. Koshish is well-known in the music and film industries. He made his debut as an actor with the film ‘Mokshya’, and since then he has worked in ‘Parva’, ‘Rato Galbandi’, ‘Maya Pirima’, ‘Parastri’ and ‘Aincho Paincho’.

He is now the director as well. The film ‘By Road,’ which he directed in its debut, is prepared for release. He is currently getting ready for a film that will be based on the life of Don Dinesh Adhikari (Chari), who was killed in an encounter with the police. He is going to be in the film as Dinesh.

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