Theaters across the country will be closed on Magh 22.

Theaters across the country are going to be closed on Magh 22 in protest against the film development fee and local entertainment tax. The Nepal Film Association has decided to symbolically close theaters across the country for a day, demanding the abolition of impractical taxes imposed by the government.

The association alleged that the film sector was forced to pay more than 33 percent of taxes in the name of various taxes, and other taxes were imposed against the code of non-imposition of other taxes after the implementation of value-added tax and corporate tax.

Stating that various taxes, such as film development fees, local entertainment taxes, etc., which are contrary to the code, the film business cannot operate, the association has called for the cancellation of other impractical taxes except value-added tax.

It is stated in a statement released by the association’s general secretary, Narendra Maharjan, that “it has been decided to close the movie theaters across the country for one day on Monday, Magh 22 demanding the abolition of unreasonable taxes other than value-added tax.”

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