Pooja posts the “Pujar Sarki” poster, which features Aryan, Pradeep, and Paul, on social media.

On Sunday, actress Pooja Sharma shared the “Pujar Sarki” film poster, which stars Paul Shah, Pradeep Khadka, and Aryan Sigdel. She wrote, ‘I liked it even more when my favorite heroes were together. Good luck to all the units.

The gossip about Pooja not having a cordial relationship with Pradeep and Paul has been in the media a lot before. It is said that Pradeep and Pooja’s relationship has been on a smooth path for a few months now. In this way, there is talk that there is cordiality in her relationship with Paul as well.

While this development is going on, Pooja not only shared the poster of ‘Pujar Sarki’ and wished good luck, but also wrote that it is even more lovely when favorite heroes are together. It can be assumed that Pooja’s relationship with Pradeep and Paul has improved due to her status.

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