Aanchal and Dayahang in new film, ‘Dukhi Atma’

Actress Aanchal Sharma has been roped in for the lead role in the film ‘Dukhi Atma’, which is being produced under the direction of writer and director Dipendra Lama. The production company Clock Work Creation signed a written contract with Aanchal Sharma as the lead actress of the film on Monday.

Director Lama stated that Aanchal would be included in the film based on the demand for the script. Himal Kadaria is the producer of the film, where actor Dayahang Rai has already been signed. Director Dipendra and producer Himal’s earlier film ‘Nango Village’ was a hit at the box office. ‘Dukhi Atma’ is their second collaboration. The scriptwriting work for ‘Dukhi Atma’, which will be shot in Chaitra, has reached its final stage.

Producer Himal has said that for other actors in the film, technical selection will be done in some time. RR Films will distribute the social comedy genre film, which will be shot around Kathmandu. After ‘Dukhi Atma’, producer Kadaria is producing the film ‘Gaon Nai Ramailo’ with Dayahang Rai and Aryan Sigdel.

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