This is the “Dayarani” (Video) trailer starring Dayahang and Diya.

The trailer for actor Maotse Gurung’s debut directorial film ‘Dayarani’ based on a family story has been released. In the almost 2 minutes and 35 seconds long trailer, which focuses on the story of a childless couple, Dayahang Rai hides the fact that he cannot become a father and blames it on his wife (Diya Pun). The situation that arose—Diya forcing Dayahang to get married for the second time—is shown in the trailer in an interesting and touching style.

The trailer focuses on the ups and downs of a doctor’s claim of not being able to be a father on the one hand and the ups and downs seen after a young woman accuses him of being the father of her child on the other.

The film also stars Bijay Baral, Pramish Gurung, Puskar Gurung, Tika Ram Ghale, Shrisha Kunwar, Nayan Gurung, Surya Sunwar, Rajendra Thapa, Sita Devi Gurung, Krishti Gurung and others.

Produced in collaboration with Mohan Gurung, Kiran Gurung, Kendra Limbu and New IT Ventures, the film is executive produced by Rambabu Gurung and Apil Bisht. The casting director of the film is Maniram Pokharel. The cinematography is by Shailendra Dhoj Karki. The film will be distributed in Nepal by Prachanda Man Shrestha’s company, Tifalk Films and abroad by Seven Seas Entertainment.

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