The fifth PIM Nepal Film Festival started with the screening of ‘Prakash’

The fifth Pim Nepal Film Festival-2022 has started from Wednesday. The first vice president of Nepal, Parmanand Jha, inaugurated the three-day long festival in the hall of Jamal Institute of Culture. Addressing the ceremony, first Vice President Jha said that this kind of festival will provide more energy to the artists, technicians and producers of the film industry. He also watched the movie ‘Prakash’ after the inauguration.

At the opening ceremony of the festival, the officials of the newly formed working committee of 8 film-related organizations were presented with congratulatory letters and wished for a successful tenure in the future. In the event, congratulations were given to Nepal Film Actors Association, Nepal Film Directors Association, Film Journalists Association Nepal, Film Dance Association, Nepal Film Technicians Association, Nepal Film Industry Artists Association and Officials of Film Association.

In the same ceremony, dance director Dinesh Pakhrin, journalist and musician Subas Pradhan were honored for their contribution in the respective genres. Madhavraj Kharel, chairman of festival organizing organization PIM Nepal, said that in the absence of national and international festivals related to government sector films in Nepal, he encouraged the film industry by holding such festivals.

Similarly, Mohan Niraula, president of the Nepal Film Artists Association, opined that PIM Nepal’s contribution to Nepali films and music through festivals and various awards is commendable. Journalist Shantipriya said that PIM is also organizing the film festival, which started a decade ago with the Kathmandu Short Film Festa. Kamala Joshi, the organizer of the Pim Nepal Film Festival and the chairperson of the opening ceremony, informed about the films that will be screened at the festival.

The movie Prakash directed by Dinesh Raut and starring Pradeep Khadka was screened at the opening ceremony of the festival. Similarly, on Wednesday, after Prakash, Aina, Nepal language film Uchcha sichhya and Maithali language film ‘Phu’ were screened. In this festival, which will last until Friday, this time, 150 short films and documentaries will be screened in Nepali, Nepalese, Tamang, Maithali, and Bhojpuri languages.

On Thursday, the movie Desaan, Bhojpuri movie Madhesh Putra, Maithali movie Achhop will be screened and on Friday, the movie Bagan, Lakhe will be screened.

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