Singer Nirmal Raj Poudel’s new song ‘Chhamma Nachau Chhappa Nachau’ released (Video)

Nirmal Raj Poudel, the once-famous and well-liked vocalist, returned to singing 15 years later with the song “Chham Nachau, Chhappa Nachau.” On Monday, the music video for the song was premiered at One Cinemas in Naya Baneshwar and on the YouTube channel ORS Digital.

The song has lyrics and vocals by singer Nirmal Raj Poudel. Mohit Munal is the music director for the song, which was recorded at Real Time Creation by recordist Santosh Dangal.

The majority of the performers, including Vijay Lama, Nirmal Sharma, Dhiren Shakya, Saroj Khanal, Kiran KC, Rabindra Khadka, Rajaram Poudel, Ramesh Upreti, Gamvir Bista, Taiyab Shah, Sunil Katuwal, Priya Rijal, Gopal Dhakal (Chhande), Khushbu Khadka, and Rohit Karki, have attractive acting and dancing in the music video for the song prepared in the style of dancing at festivals.

Manish Poudel edited the music video, while Shyam Kuwar was in charge of color coordination. Mahesh Poudel shot the song, which Gamvir Bista choreographed and directed.

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