‘The Secret of Radha’ became the best in the Nepal-US International Film Festival

‘The Secrets of Radha’ has won the best prize of the Nepal-US International Film Festival. Another Nepali film ‘Aina Jhyalko Putli’ and Pakistan’s ‘Joyland’ received honorary awards. While ‘The Mirage’ directed by Santosh Dahal was adjudged the best short film, ‘Wheels on the Bus’ directed by Surya Shahi won the honorary award.

In the best feature documentary category, ‘Piona Man’ directed by Sunny Liu and ‘Pasang: The Shadow of Everest’ directed by Nancy Svendsen won the best. ‘Into the Mist’ directed by Sachin Ghimire won the honorary award in this category.

In the documentary category, ‘Mero Buba’ directed by Srish Kunwar was declared the best. In this category, India’s Midhunji Babu’s ‘Doux Migraine’ received an honorary award. The Empowerment Award went to the film ‘Coming Out with the Help of Time Machine’, which has already been nominated for an Oscar. ‘Where the Window Die’ received the Freedom of Expression Award. The judges of the festival were Nina Strike from America, Rebecca Bustamante and Farid Bozmer from Iran.

They selected the winners from 37 films from 11 countries. The film was screened at the AFI Silver Theater in Maryland, USA, and the World Greenbelt Hall, which has been in operation for 80 years. An interactive program on ‘Investment on South Asian Stories’ was also organized. In addition, discussions were held between American filmmakers and black filmmakers.

Actor Rajesh Hamal was present as a special guest at the festival which started with the performance of ‘Aina Jhyalko Putli’. He said that the contribution of diaspora in the development of Nepali films will be high. The chairman of the organizing organization Purna Singh Baraili said that the sixth edition was successfully completed. The film is helping to bring Nepali society, civilization and culture to the world. It is also helping to promote cultural diversity and inclusiveness,” he said.

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