Wilson Bikram’s ‘Laure and Daure’ movie debuted on Bijay Baral

Actor Wilson Bikram Rai has cast actor Bijay Baral in his upcoming film ‘Laure and Daure’. Wilson has revealed that Baral entered the project through social media and that he will play a new character in it.

Earlier, Dayahang Rai and Buddhi Tamang were signed for the lead roles in the film. With the entry of Bijay, the lineup of actors in the film is also getting stronger. According to the production team, the main actress who will act in the film will be finalized in some time.

Wilson’s production company, Takme Production, is going to make the film. Wilson wrote the screenplay for the comedy-love story film that will be made. Sarina Lama is the producer of the film. Anmol Gurung is going to compose the film’s soundtrack.

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