Release of “Mayale Sajaula,” a new song by Om Sunar (Video)

A new song with the music and voice of singer Om Sunar and the lyrics ‘Mayale Sajaula’ has been released. The video of the song, which has lyrics by Muna Singh, covers the topic of caste discrimination.

The film, which was made in preparation for the idea of singer Om, features artist Aalisha Bastola and singer Om himself. It depicts the incident that resulted from caste discrimination and conveys the message that such practices should be eliminated from society.

Tek Narayan Shah has acted as a child actor. Debendra Kunwar has directed the video for the song. Rahul Bishwakarma played guitar; Gopal Dev played flute; Bharat Budhathoki played madal; and Sajan Shah mixed the song. Binod Bam edited and color-coordinated the Bimal Dhakal-shot video.

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