The Hindi film ’12th Fail’ has become popular among Nepalese people

The Bollywood film ’12th Fail’ has been hotly discussed on social media for the past few days. In the beginning, the network was heated about its storyline. Now, the network is even more heated about its characters. After all, the film has caught the attention of common Nepalis these days.

This film was released in Nepal; however, in a few days, due to a lack of audience, the film was pulled from theaters. Even the distributor had to bear the loss. However, since this film was released on OTT, the discussion of this film has skyrocketed in Nepal. ’12th Fail’ is being praised on social media timelines. Internet viewers are praising it as ‘inspiring’. Platforms, including IMDB, have given them high ratings.

If you have seen ’12th Fail’, there is a plot towards the end of the film where the actor Vikrant Massey is interviewed. The character calls this interview a ‘last ditch effort’. In that scene, Vikrant has given an example of a famous Nepali mountaineer, which can make you more touching and excited.

In that interview, Vikrant says, “Edmund Hillary was the first person to climb Mount Everest.” Everyone has seen his photo. But Angrita Sherpa was the first Sherpa who climbed Mt. Everest without the help of oxygen. I have seen his photo, sir. In my opinion, climbing without oxygen support is a big deal. I have also come this far without the help of oxygen. That too in bare feet.

In response to him, the interviewing character says, “If Sir Edmund Hillary had not shown the way, the Sherpas would never have reached the peak.”

Speaking about “12th Fail,” this Vidhu Vinod Chopra-directed film is a biopic of a guy named Manoj Kumar, narrating the tale of his battle to become an IPS officer. It is based on Anurag Pathak’s novel, “12th Fail.”

Similarly, this film also tells the story of Shraddha Joshi, who supported him. Based on real life, this film stars Vikrant Massey in the role of Manoj and Medha Shankar in the role of Shraddha.

The film had an opening of Rs 1 crore on its first day at the Indian box office. However, due to the strong word of mouth of the film, the film did a business of 18.5 million on the sixth day of its release. The business of the film was higher in the second week than in the first week. The main reason was its strong word-of-mouth and story.

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