Tharu language song ‘Gori Torey Pyar Me’ released (with video)

The Tharu language song ‘Gori Torey Pyar Me’ has been released with a music video through the Youtube channel called Sebil Entertainment.

Famous singers Annu Chaudhary and Bibek Chaudhary’s melodious voices can be heard in the premil-style song. In this song, the lyrics and music are by Bibek Choudhary himself. Sooraz Shrestha has arranged, mixed, and mastered the song.

The onscreen love and romance between Raj Chaudhary and Deepika Chaudhary can be seen in the music video, which contains the story of every youth in every village in Nepal.

Raj Chaudhary, who is also the manager of Sebil Entertainment, has returned to the Tharu film industry through this music video. Ramesh Chaudhary shot a video and edited this song. Rajnish Chaudhary directed this music video.

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