Amid the news of “divorce,” Neeta shared a photo of Bipana and her husband

Actress Bipana Thapa’s husband, Ashutosh Bhardwaj, created a stir on January 4th when he posted a status on Facebook stating that he and Bipana had “divorced.” Ten minutes later, the status vanished from social media, and until then, rumors of the split had been circulating in the media and on social media. However, Bipana refuted the claims that the Facebook status was hacked and incorrect.

Bipana’s statement that it was wrong for her to divorce her husband relieved the fans. She is currently working on the film ‘Hrashwo Deergha’, which is being produced by Neeta Dhungana. After 13 years, Bipana is making a comeback to acting with this film.

In the midst of rumors of a divorce, Neeta attempted to dispel the rumors by posting a couple’s photo with Bipana and Ashutosh on Sunday morning.

In the picture, she writes, ‘In the morning with my sister and brother-in-law. Good morning to everyone. He has also used a heart emoji in the picture. Bipana’s husband, who is also a leader of the Indian Congress, is now in Nepal.

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