Gyanendra Shahi’s suggestion to the government – to implement quota system in foreign films’

Over the years, Nepali films have been doing well in front of foreign films in the domestic market. Nepali films are competing with foreign films made at the cost of crores. Because the government’s policy is not appropriate, foreign films are being banned, which has put the Nepali film industry in crisis. The state has no plan for the development, expansion and promotion of Nepali films. 

Representing the Nepali film sector, director Asif Shah from the National Independent Party has reached the Federal Parliament this time. Many expected that he would raise his voice in Parliament about the problems of the film sector. However, he is busy expressing opinions on other issues in film language. Instead, MP Gyanendra Shahi, who is not familiar with the film industry, has raised his voice in Parliament in favor of Nepali films.

On Jestha 5th, while expressing his opinion on the policy and program of the financial year 2080/81 announced by the government from President Ramchandra Paudel, Shahi, a member of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, urged not to see films as entertainment only, and to put the subject of quota system on foreign films in the policy and program for the upliftment of Nepali films. He suggested to the government. 

‘Films are a means of introducing our religion, culture and traditions to the international world,’ he says, ‘let’s implement a quota system in foreign films. Let’s make a rule on how many foreign films can be shown in Nepal. It not only uplifts Nepali films, our religion, culture and traditions are propagated in the international world and millions get employment. Let’s write this policy and program.’

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