Basenji: Nepal’s first video game style film, will be screened on Asoj 26

The majority of the time, first person and third person perspectives are used when playing video games. In video games, this look has been popular since the 1990s. But for the first time in Nepali film history, the movie “Basenji,” which will be shown on Asoj 26, will be featured in a video game.

Under the direction of American citizen Ian Scott Clement and produced by Suraj Mainali from Gourishankar Entertainment, ‘Basenji’ is a horror film.

This film is shown through the eyes of the protagonist, who serves as the title character. The candidate is from western Nepal and has traveled to Kathmandu after his father was fired for doing investigative reporting on agricultural concerns.

In this context, he meets Akash Patra, who counsels him to travel to a village close to Kathmandu in order to calm the mental storm. Now a string of scary, hair-raising incidents starts. This is the main theme of the movie ‘Basenji’. And the film is made by placing the first man through the eyes of this entrance character and the third man camera to see him.

Ian Scott Clement, who previously directed the film ‘Mango Pickle’, is an aspiring filmmaker who is influenced by the Nepali environment and way of life and directs films in Nepal.

After the film ‘Mango Pickle’ which was produced in collaboration with his friends, Clement wrote the film ‘Basenji’ along with Suraj Mainali and Gaurav Basnet associated with Gourishankar Entertainment.

Actor Asim Niroula is attached to play the role of Pravesh in this film and Supreme Rai is playing the role of Akash. Senior actors Mithila Sharma and Sarita Giri also play prominent roles in this film.

Director Clement says – ‘This is such an experiment in Nepali films, which has not been done so far. We created a special head-mounted camera device for the first-person perspective, which would show the world from the character’s perspective. Similarly, we have used a gimbal to show the third person’s point of view, so that you can see the character closely or observe his behavior. I fully believe that we have succeeded in bringing something new to the Nepali audience.

“Basenji” is being performed all over Nepal on the 26th of Asoj.

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