Surakshya Panta makes her OTT debut with ‘Khel’

The web series ‘Khel’ has been launched. The camera and script were worshiped in the Ganesh temple at Kamaladi in Kathmandu in the presence of the director, actors, and technicians of the series. Based on mythology and spirituality, the series will tell the story of four friends.

Surakshya Panta is a proven actress who is going to act in the lead role. Anurag Pradhan, who has gained experience as a co-director in dozens of Bollywood films, will direct the series. Along with Surakshya Panta, Bhola Sapkota, Sarita Giri, Monika Thapa, Samapika Gautam, Hena Nagarkoti, Yama Prasad Oli, etc. will also act in this series. Director Pradhan said that the first season of the series, which will be filmed in Kathmandu 100 years ago, will consist of five series. It is said that the series will be based on the technical evaluation of the world-famous OTT Netflix.

It is a game story about friends living in a hostel in Kathmandu for study and escaping from it after getting hurt in real life while playing a game based on spirituality. I am working as the team leader for four girl friends. “It is trying to show how bad it is in our lives if we don’t play any games, honestly,” she said.

The series is set to premiere on Netflix and is produced by Sirupate Cuts Pvt Ltd, Luish Raj Maharjan, Ashish Raj Maharjan, and Kunal Gurung as co-producers. Producer Ashish prepared the story, which director Pradhan woven into the screenplay. The series’ cinematographer, Roshan Rai, has previously worked as a cinematographer on some Bollywood films.

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