Spectacular Musical Evening Featuring Renowned singer Adrian Pradhan

Harrisburg: Guras Spice House, the renowned cultural hub in Harrisburg, is all set to present an unforgettable musical program by renowned singer Adrian Pradhan on Saturday, September 30th, 2023, at 7200 Derry St., Harrisburg, PA 17111.

Adrian Pradhan, an immensely talented and well-known vocalist, composer, and songwriter of Nepali music, will perform at this much-awaited event. The dynamic duo of Prakash and Bishal will provide a spellbinding opening act. Doors for the audience open at 7:00 p.m., and the event is slated to begin at 7:30 p.m.

Adrian Pradhan, a name that needs no introduction in the music industry, is set to grace the stage with his soulful and electrifying performance. Known for his versatile vocals and ability to connect with the audience on a profound level, Pradhan has a fan base that spans across the globe. His music effortlessly blends various genres, creating an intoxicating fusion that leaves listeners craving for more. Get prepared to be carried away on a musical adventure that knows no bounds.

Adding to the excitement, the evening will begin with an enchanting performance by the Prakash and Bishal duo. These emerging artists have been making waves in the music scene with their unique blend of melodies and harmonies.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Following the main musical performances, the after-party is set to kick off with DJ Nepstylz spinning the hottest tracks. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance the night away.

Guras Spice House has been a cultural cornerstone in Harrisburg, providing a platform for artists from various backgrounds to showcase their talent and share their passion. This musical program is just another testament to their commitment to bringing world-class entertainment to the local community.

To ensure a smooth experience for all attendees, the entry fee for this extraordinary event is set at $25 per person. It’s important to note that there will be no tickets available at the door, so it’s advised to secure your spot in advance.

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