Mongolian Heart’s Australian concert end in Adelaide

The famous musical group Mongolian Heart’s Australian tour has ended. The Australia tour, which started from Melbourne on April 10, ended in Adelaide on Sunday. Before that, the band also gave concerts in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Perth and Howarth.

“After 10 years, we think our Australia tour has been completed successfully,” said Raju Lama, the lead singer of the band, “Nepali community showed love in every city. We are very happy with this. In that concert, singer Lama started the concert with the famous track ‘Mero Nepal’. When the concert started with this song, the audience was filled with national spirit. Then he enthralled the audience by singing famous songs of the band like Badalpari Desh,Ma Maya Laundin, Halla Chale Chha, Timi laai Dekhera, Parkhai ko Pida , Sayad timro Bato ma.

In the last performance in Adelaide on Sunday night, Lama ended the musical tour by singing the song ‘Sayed Timro Bato ma’. At the end of the journey, everyone raised their hands from the audience, and Lama smiled and took a selfie with the audience from the stage.

This band has Bobby Lama on rhythm guitar, Santosh Thapa Magar on drums, Kiran Nagarkoti on lead guitar, Pawan Kapali on bass, Vinay Maharjan on flute and Baburaja Maharjan on Madal.

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