Dashain Tihar Cup: 8V8 Football Tournament 2023

Fairfax: Mark your calendars and lace up your football boots as the highly anticipated Dashain Tihar Cup 8V8 Football Tournament is set to kick off from September 30 to October 1.

A Spectacular Sporting Event Presented by Fairfax United Football Club, this tournament promises a thrilling display of talent, fierce competition, and the spirit of sportsmanship. Football enthusiasts from all corners are invited to witness the excitement firsthand.

The tournament will feature an array of teams vying for the prestigious title, each battling it out on the field in intense 8V8 matches. This year’s event brings a unique twist with a live broadcast and commentary, allowing fans to enjoy the matches from the comfort of their homes. The immersive commentary promises to capture the electric atmosphere of the matches, making viewers feel like they are right in the midst of the action.

The highlight of the event is undoubtedly the hefty prize pool that awaits the deserving winners. The first prize offers a substantial reward of $5000, while the runners-up will not be left empty-handed as the second prize amounts to an impressive $3000. These rewards are sure to motivate teams to bring their A-game and leave it all on the field.

The climax of the Dashain Tihar Cup will coincide with the joyous celebrations of DTFest, an eagerly anticipated community festival that attracts over 10,000 spectators. The trophy distribution ceremony promises to be a spectacle in itself, as the winning team will proudly hoist the championship trophy in front of the exuberant crowd, further enhancing the festive spirit.

The Dashain Tihar Cup 8V8 Football Tournament is made possible by the generous support of its sponsors, oNest Real Estate and Esteam Builder. Their contributions have helped elevate the event to new heights, recognizing the significance of the Dashain Tihar Cup in promoting sportsmanship and community engagement.

Registration for the tournament is currently open, with an entry fee of $500 per team. Teams eager to showcase their skills on the field are encouraged to secure their spot as soon as possible. For more information and registration, interested parties can contact the event organizer at 833-3329-883 or email fairfaxutd@gmail.com.

As the Dashain Tihar Cup 8V8 Football Tournament approaches, excitement is building and anticipation is palpable. It’s not just a football tournament; it’s a celebration of talent, unity, and the beautiful game. Don’t miss out on this incredible sporting spectacle that promises to capture hearts and inspire aspiring athletes everywhere.

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