Poster of Nepali animated film ‘Salina’ released

The poster of Nepali animated feature film ‘Salina: Warrior Princess’ has been released. This is Nepal’s first animated film based on the folk tale of a popular princess in the society.

Director Tejasraj Joshi informed that Rainmaker Animation Academy produced the film after 6 years. The release date of the film has not been fixed. According to director Joshi, this year ‘Salina’ will be released in Nepali language along with Hindi and English.

Edited by Shiva Puri and Shruti Shrestha, the film features Sagin Maharjan, Abinash Singh Tharu and Shirbha Manandhar as graphic artists. Krishma Rajakarnikar, Lajina Shrestha, Benisha Khatiwada, Aditi Gyawali, Ejme Kuikel, Jharna Rai, Tejasraj Joshi, Sushil Nepal, Dev Neupane, Yuvin Pujari, Juna Thapa, Kumar Neupane and others have sung in it.

The producers of the film are Tejasraj Joshi and Shruti Shrestha.

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