Paul Shah contributed to the social work of Hark Sampang

Actor Paul Shah is currently busy rushing to participate in the festival. He reached the eastern city of Dharan on Wednesday after reaching the festival in western Nepal. On the same day in the evening, he provided entertainment at the Nepalese traditional food festival held in Itahari.

On Thursday, he met Harak Sampang, the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city, and he gave him tools like shovels. Paul said that he bought tools from some of the salary received from the food festival and contributed to the social work of Mayor Sampang. Rekha Limbu, the actor of the film ‘Jari’, which is currently playing in the hall, was also present while giving the tools.

It is a pleasure to be a part of Harks sir’s social work. I contributed some part of the salary received from the festival,” he said. Accepting the tools, Mayor Sampang also said that this gift has given a message to all Nepali speakers. “People have forgotten how food is produced, Paul has reminded them,” said Sampang.

Paul also said that he will donate a certain percentage of his salary to social service. Paul Shah is currently preparing for a comeback in films.

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