‘Lily Bily 2′ will be made, Pradeep will repeat!

The film ‘Lily Bily’, which was released in 2018, is going to be developed as a series. It is planned to shoot its second series from next Chaitra or Baisakh. It is almost certain that Pradeep Khadka, the lead actor of the previous series, will reprise his role in the film. He has been talked to at various stages of the production team. And, he is positive about the film. 

Currently, Pradeep is in Pokhara for the pre-preparation of a film directed by Dinesh Raut. It is reported that the production team is preparing to sign a paper contract with him to return to Kathmandu. Milan Chams, the director of ‘Lily Bily’, will direct the film. Chams informed that except for Pradeep Khadka, none of the actors from the previous series will be repeated in the film and it will be made on a new subject.

He said, ‘We had been planning to make ‘Lily Bily 2’ for a long time. However, it is becoming possible after five years due to various reasons. Right now I am a bit busy with the London premiere of ‘Gorkha Warrior’ and shooting for a film. As Pradeep will also be busy with another film, shooting may start after next Chaitra or Baisakh.’ According to Chams, the film will be based on a love story. 

Written by Pradeep Bharadwaj, the film will be jointly produced by Milan Chams and Sudeep Khadka. ‘Lily Bily’ was registered under the banner of Govinda Shahi (distributor/producer) and Milan Chams. According to director Chams, they informed that they are going to make ‘Lily Bily 2’ in mutual agreement with the producer Shahi. According to him, other series of the film will also be produced.

Some have called ‘Lily Bily’ a flop film. However, director Chams claims that they are not at a loss from this film. ‘Because of internal reasons between us, the film is said to be at a loss. However, we were not at a loss. That’s why we are going to make ‘Lily Bily 2′,’ said Chams. Jasita Gurung, who made her debut with ‘Lily Bily’, will not be stuck in the second series.

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