Namrata Shrestha: I found that even in the depths of winter, I still had summer within

Actress Namrata Shrestha has reappeared on social media, having vanished following a post urging her not to view her quiet as a sign of weakness in the case of actor Saruk Tamrakar’s death. She had vanished following a post expressing her wishes for Dashain Ghatasthapana.

After a gap of three months, on Monday, she posted a meaningful statement with a fresh picture. She shared the photo with a quote from French philosopher and writer Albert Camus. ‘In the depths of the cold season, I realized that there is also a strong summer within’, actress Namrata wrote.

This sentence, which she selected, reflects the thoughts that actress Namrata has been having lately. The picture, which features the gorgeous Namrata in jeans and a lake as a backdrop, is probably one of her latest tour photos.

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