Himesh bringing a television ‘talk show’ in a few weeks

Once upon a time, Himesh Pant, the winner of ‘Comedy Champion’, was very famous. Now he is almost anonymous. What is Himesh doing lately?

Pant said that he is preparing to launch a television talk show in a few weeks. It is delayed because it is not being brought from Prime Television but from another television. Except for the television of the ‘talk show’, everything is fixed, but the name is yet to be named. The script concept is all ready. I will bring the show soon after selecting the name and television, said Himesh.

According to Himesh, the young political leader will participate as a guest in the talk show, while he himself will be the host. Although political leaders are guests on the show, political questions are only 10 percent. 90% of the questions will be different. 90% of the questions will focus on social, various problems and their solutions. He informed that the show will be in comedy style with a sense of humor.

It has been a long time since Himesh exercised for ‘talk show’. A broadcast contract was also signed with Prime Time Television for the show. But now he says that he will not bring the show from prime time television. Apart from the show, Himesh is also active in the politics of the National Independent Party.

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