Communication Minister’s sarcasm on Balen for stopping the screening of Hindi films – ‘Let’s not stunt’

The government has released its views on the controversy in Nepal regarding the dialogue about Sita included in the Hindi film ‘Adipurush’. Government Spokesperson and Minister of Communication and Information Rekha Sharma clarified that the demonstration was allowed only after the Censor Board ordered the dialogue to be removed at a press conference held at the Ministry to publicize the decision of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday. 

Minister Sharma said, ‘The Censor Board censors domestic or foreign films before screening. Similarly, in ‘Adipurush’, the Censor Board allowed the show after deciding to remove it after it was found that Sita was an Indian daughter. She said that she has already written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the removal of dialogues from the original part of the film.

Regarding Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s suspension of screening of all Hindi films until the dialogues contained in ‘Adipurush’ are shown, Minister Sharma warned to understand their jurisdiction. Stating that there is no doubt about the fact that Sita is a daughter of Nepal, she has made a roundabout attack on Kathmandu Metropolitan Mayor Balen Shah not to play stunts on people’s feelings. 

‘Everyone should understand their jurisdiction. Rather than playing with stunts and emotions, we should think about long-term solutions. For a long-term solution, we have taken things forward under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,’ she said. From Minister Sharma’s statement, it is understood that the Kathmandu Metropolis has violated its jurisdiction by stopping the screening of Indian films.

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