Aditi becomes Radha in Hindi song

Actress Aditi Budhathoki is struggling to establish herself in Bollywood along with Nepali films. Having worked in two Nepali films namely ‘Kri’ and ‘Babri’, her dream is now to enter Bollywood films. For that, she is promoting herself through music videos and web series. Now she is busy shooting for Hindi web series ‘Music’. 

She has done a lot of work in music videos of Hindi and Punjabi songs. Meanwhile, the new Hindi song ‘Krishna Teri Ho Gayi’ starring her has been released. In which she is presented as a devotee of Lord Krishna. At the end of the video, she is portrayed as Radha. She is depicted in a mesmerizing state with her head resting on Lord Krishna’s shoulder to the tune of the flute.

The video focuses on her. She lived in England with her family and came to India one day saying that she was called by Lord Krishna. Then she indulges in worship and meditation of Krishna. The video is prepared in film style. In one scene, some antagonistic characters try to kidnap Aditi and sexually exploit her. At that time, Lord Krishna appeared and saved the scene. 

The song is sung by famous Indian singer Asees Kaur and has lyrics by Jaani, music by Gaurav Dev and Kartik Dev. In the video, Kinshuk Vaidya plays the role of Lord Krishna. The song has got good views on YouTube. Aditi shared the clips of the song on Facebook and mentioned I that it was fun during the filming. She will soon return to Nepal and is working in the film ‘Babri 2’.

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