Transgender woman’s love in the song of film ‘Meera: Shadow of a Rainbow’

The song of the film ‘Meera: Shadow of a Rainbow’ directed by Anita Pandit has been released. ‘Mero Biswas’ is a romantic song with vocals by Prabisha Adhikari, music by Alish Karki and lyrics by Pabitra Ghimire. The song presented by Surabina Karki and Anita Pandit, the lead actresses of the film, tries to show the love relationship between transgender women. 

Nishan Chauhan, Kailash Rawal, Roshni Karki and child actor Aashvi Ghimire are also acting in the film based on the struggling story of a mother who is trying to show the problem of abnormal alert mental state (autism) in a child and her personal relationship with someone in the society. Anil Katwal’s cinematography is produced by Bishal Ghimire and Anita Pandit.

The song shows another story of the film, says director Pandit. She says, ‘The story of women who naturally feel different is in the film. It also tells the story of a mother who wants to explore her relationship with her child’s autism problem.’ She has her own writing in the film. The release date of the film produced under the banner of Ashvi Films has not been announced.

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