Benefits that Nepal can have if the finale of Miss World held in India

Miss Nepal 2022 Priyankarani Joshi who is the happiest one as this year’s Miss World will be held in neighboring country India. It has become easier for Nepal to prepare and participate in the grand finale.

Mainly, it seems that Nepal can have three advantages. Firstly, the maximum participation of the audience and the delegation was possible without the hassle of visa. Also, the travel expenses will be very less. Secondly, since the competition will be held in India, it will be easy to prepare clothes, props etc. in the same theme. Third, psychological ease with geographical and cultural proximity.

This year Priyanka is participating in Miss Nepal World-2022 competition. For which it has been very easy for her and Hidden Treasure. Priyanka is going to take her family to India for the grand finale. The Hidden Treasure team is also in the mood to go to India. It was not easy if it happened in other countries.

Priyanka says that since the finale will be held in India, she can take a bus to India to encourage the Nepali audience. It seems to be very convenient mainly due to geographical location. Expenses are reduced. It will be easier to eat and come and go, she said. She believes that while carrying goods to other countries, compromises are necessary, but it is easy in India. The grand finale will be held in November-December 2023.

Earlier, after the finale of Miss World, which was supposed to be held in Dubai, was stopped, there was confusion for the preparations. But after the announcement to be made in India, it has become very easy for Nepal to make further preparations.

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