Points fix in Nepal T20 League: 3 released on bail

L-R: Adil Ansari and Mehboob Alam arrested on charge of fixing in Nepal T20 League
L-R: Nepalese cricketers Adil Ansari and Mehboob Alam, arrested on charge of spot-fixing in Nepal T20 League

Kathmandu, March 9

Three people arrested for fixing the spot during the Nepal T20 League They have been released on bail.

Kathmandu District Court Judge Rajendra Kumar Shrestha released them on bail of Rs 300,000 each as police could find no evidence that these people accepted money to fix matches.

Following the order, cricketer Adil Ansari, former cricketer Mehboob Alam and local cricketer Nitesh Gupta, they have posted the bail amount and have been released.

A case had been registered in the Kathmandu District Court against five people for his role in fixing points during the controversial Nepal T20 League.

The research carried out by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB), led by DSP Sundar Tiwari, revealed that former national cricketer Mehboob Alam and Jatin Ahluwalia, owner of Seven3Sports, a business and strategic partner of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN), offered players to fix league matches. .

During the investigation by the CIB, an audio recording was found in which Alam was trying to lure the players by offering them Rs 3.6 crore to fix six matches.

In the statement given to police by Alam at the Government Prosecutor’s Office in Kathmandu, he reportedly admitted to approaching the players to fix the venue.

Police had evidence that Ansari threw a no-ball and a wide-ball after being asked by a person named Samir Sheikh via WhatsApp. He was offered 100,000 rupees to do it.

But Ansari told police he threw the no-ball and the wide-ball by accident. Since the money was not much, he felt that the WhatsApp person was joking.

According to the sources, the three changed their statement during the hearing at the Kathmandu District Court.

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