‘Dakini’ will be released in limited theaters only

The film that will be screened from next Friday is ‘Dakini’. The production company Shatkon Arts has informed that the film will be released in 5 or 6 theaters only.

In a press conference held on Tuesday, the producer of the film, Max Dipesh Khatri, said that he is going to release the film so that the people who want to see it, rather than commercial sponsorship. “We don’t have any commercial expectations from the film”, Khatri said, “We are going to release it with the desire that people who like art, slow films can watch it.” He said that the film was made long ago but the release was delayed by 5 years due to Corona.

The director of the film, Khinse Norbu (Jongsar Khinse Rinpoche), is also a great guru of Buddhism. Rinpoche is coming to Nepal from America. The film is about to be released after his arrival in Kathmandu. Producer Khatri informed that along with the release of the film, a master class on ‘Beauty is a Trap’ will be held at the Rinpoche Tourism Board and the play ‘Buddha and Beggar’ will be staged at Lichchavi House, a Buddhist temple.

Similarly, Rabindra Singh Baniya another actor and producer of the film, said that ‘Dakini’ was made at a cost of 9.5 crores. We think that we could have made the film without taking a lot of money. Baniya said, “The director Khinse said that he was able to work with Norbu without any pressure.” He said that the experience of working with Norbu was like a school for him.

“Dakini” is not a film according to the Nepali test. Critics have said that the film should be made like this. We are going to release this film like that, said Baniya.

In the program, director Pradeep Bhattarai said that ‘Dakini’ is suitable for understanding the film. The English name of the film, which is going to be released after completing the cycle of world famous festivals, has been given as ‘Looking for a Lady with Fags and Mustache’. The Nepali name of this film is Dakini. There are many myths and legends of Bajrayogini, star-like goddesses (dakinis) in Buddhist texts. This film is also in the story of searching for a goddess.

All the shooting of the film was done in Panauti and Patan. 60 percent of Tibetan and 40 percent of Nepali language have been used in it. Chiring Tasi from Vietnam and Tenzing Kunsel from America have acted in the main roles of the film. Born in India, both of them are of Tibetan origin. This is the first film in which both of them acted. Nepali actors like Karma, Divyadev, Rabindra Singh Baniya have also acted in it.

A young man of Tibetan origin, who is running a cafe in Kathmandu, gets some hints in a dream one day. One day his friend reveals the meaning of the dream and says – you will live for only 7 days. But, when he realizes that the Dakini can solve this crisis, the search for the Dakini with mustache and beard begins. Where does he find Dakini? Will his life be saved or not? The story of the film revolves around this.

This is director Rinpoche’s fifth film. As famous as his sermons on Buddhism, he is also famous as a film director. In 1999, his first film, The Cup, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Not only the director, the cinematographer is also high profile – Mark Li Ping Bing. Taiwan’s Mark, who has won 21 international awards, won the Cannes Film Festival’s Grand Technical Prize in 2000 for Wong Kar Wai’s film ‘In the Mood for Love’. Some famous films shot by Mark Lee, who is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences (Oscar Award), include ‘In the Mood for Love’, The Assassin, Renoir, Norwegian Wood, Flight of Red Balloon and others.

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