‘Aaina Jhyalko Putali’ excels at awards

The movie ‘Aiana Jhyalko Putli’ is doing well in the awards. Nationally and internationally, the film is proving itself to be a category winner in the awards it has participated in.

In the recently concluded Nepal International Film Festival, it also won the award for best film along with director, writer and child actor Dinesh Khatri.

The world has seen our work. You have seen and accepted the message it gives. This is a big award for us,” said director Sujit Bidari, “The film tells the story of an ordinary family in a rural area. I have also felt my childhood in it.

He made a story in six-seven pages and said that he started not to write the experiences of his society.

When I was in doubt whether to make a movie or not, I gave him a reading, and after giving feedback that everyone was suffering in the fifties, he prepared to bring it to the big screen. Now, the accolades we get at various award ceremonies have made us forget the hard work of that time,” said director Bidari.

He had previously written and directed the 14-minute long short film ‘Savitri’. The subject is the dream of a 13-year-old girl living in a village in a hilly district to study in the city.

Siru Bista, Kanchan Chimaria, Dinesh Khatri, Raj Thapa, Bisha Chamling Rai, Umesh Shrestha, Mallika Shrestha and others have acted in the movie, which presents the context of the butterfly stuck in the window, which sees everything outside but cannot get out no matter how hard it tries.

‘Aaina Jhyalko Putali’ became the first Nepali film to be selected in the New Current section of South Korea’s Busan Film Festival and won the best director award at the Dhaka International Film Festival.

The film, which has been shortlisted at world-renowned film festivals such as the Czech Republic’s Jalin Film Festival and Australia’s Asia Pacific Screen Awards, won India’s prestigious Kautik International Film Festival along with Best Film, Editing, Actor and Actress awards.

This movie was recommended from Nepal for the recently concluded 95th Academy Awards (Oscar Awards).

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