Saruk Tamrakar’s last song ‘Maya’ released (Video)

A music video featuring certain sequences from the last film starring the late actor Saruk Tamrakar, “Hashtag Maya,” has been released. Although Saruk’s last wish was to have his last work released as a film, Rajiv Gurung, the chairman and director of the production company Ray Ventures, revealed on a program on Thursday that this was not possible, and instead the work was released as a music video.

The film could not be finished. So, we have created a music video that features Saruk’s work and incorporates those scenes into the tune he enjoys. This is our way of paying homage to Saruk. Although he is no longer with us, his work will live on, according to director Gurung.

Nikita Acharya, Mahesh Magar, and Sagar Pariyar have acted in the song, along with actor Tamrakar. Director Gurung said that the scenes shot in Bardia are included. The song has vocals and music by SD Yogi and lyrics by Ram Abiral Bista.

Actor Tamrakar’s mother, Rukmani Tamrakar, President of Nepal Movie Artists Association Mohan Niraula, actress Srishti Shrestha, actor Manish Shrestha, producers Saroj Neupane and Rohit Adhikari, director Sudarshan Thapa, and others were present at the event.

Niraula, the president of the artists’ association, began his remarks by stating, ‘Saruk should get justice’. I have been associated with this family for four decades, he claimed. They are experiencing pain beyond words as a result of losing Saruk. We also request that the police, who are investigating the matter related to the artist, quickly wrap up and reveal the truth.

Rukmani, Saruk’s mother, expressed her appreciation for showcasing her son’s labor of love in the music clip. Saruk had volunteered his time for this film for three years. I was glad to see it here, even though I was unable to watch it on a large screen.

She stated that the reason she was unable to attend the program was because her son’s death required her husband, Sanu Tamrakar, to be hospitalized. She also requested that the police, who are engaged in the investigation, make public the truth as soon as there are various speculations about Saruk on social media and elsewhere.

Actress Shrishti Shrestha, who studied acting with actor Tamrakar, broke down in tears as she recalled past experiences. There will be Saruk-related memories in the future. We are unable to accept that a member of our group who frequently offers assistance to those in need has abandoned us in this manner. Our friend left the world, and we want to know why. And we have hope for people who are investigating the matter, the actress Shrestha remarked.

Actor Tamrakar, who emerged as an actor in the movie ‘Rani’, has acted in movies like ‘Meri Mamu’, ‘Into Mintu Londonma’ and others. Actor Tamrakar committed suicide on Asadh 21 at his residence in Ratopul.

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