Producers union decision to pay film technicians according to grading

The Film Producers Association has decided to pay the technicians according to the grading. The working committee meeting of the association held on Wednesday has also decided to sit with the technical association and grade the technicians according to their ability and experience.

Nawal Khadka, President of the Producers’ Union, said that it was decided to give wages based on grading. How much salary to give is our matter. The same five thousand rupees cannot be given to both new and old. We sit with NEFTA and do the grading and pay,” he said.

From last Baisakh 1, the Technical Association implemented the 12-hour schedule by implementing the shift system in filming. The rule of NEFTA was to pay extra wages for overtime work. Accordingly, the technicians were getting paid for filming.

After the decision of the Executive Committee of the Manufacturers Association, it is seen that the rule of NEFTA will be affected. Meanwhile, the working committee meeting of the Producers’ Association on Wednesday has also decided to resume the stalled talks with the Film Association in a few days.

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