‘Drishyam’ will be remake in Korean language with the ‘Parasite’ actor

The popular Indian film ‘Drishyam’ is now going to be remade in South Korean language. This announcement was made during the Cannes Film Festival-2023 in France. Indian production company Panorama Studio and Korean company Anthology Studio have agreed to produce the film.

It is said that Song Kang Ho, the actor of the Oscar-winning film ‘Parasite’, will play the lead role in the remake film. It is said that the actor will portray the character of Mohanlal and Ajay Devgn, the main characters of the original film. At the Indian Pavilion in Cannes, the producers of the two countries agreed on the remake.

Producer Kumar Mangal of Panorama Studio expressed his excitement about the new collaboration. “I am very excited about the news that a Hindi film will be remade in Korean for the first time,” he says.

He said that the Korean craze has increased even in India recently and this is a big thing for Indian films. Jay Choi, the head of Anthology Studio, said that they had the opportunity to make a film by adapting a film that was very popular in India into a Korean original. He said that this collaboration will be important in the field of joint investment between the two largest film markets in the world, Korea and India.

“Through our partnership, we are committed to reconstructing Indian and Korean films in a meaningful and excellent way like the original,” he said. Choi, who was previously the executive head of the Hollywood studio Warner Bros., will be the executive producer of the film. Ajay Devgn played the lead role in the Hindi version of Drishyam, while Mohanlal acted in the original version. Both of them earned excellent at the box office.

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