‘You should have finished by now’, when the wife said this to Manoj, such was the actor’s reaction

Manoj Bajpayee On Shabana Raza: National Award winner actor Manoj Bajpayee is famous for his strong acting. He plays his every character with such seriousness that even the fans get surprised. Manoj Bajpayee got popularity from ‘Satya’ and after that he never looked back. After becoming famous, he has also rejected offers of many films in his career. Now Manoj revealed that his wife Shabana Raza says that it is no less than a miracle that he is still surviving in the film industry.

you should have finished

During a conversation with Mashable India, Manoj Bajpayee recalled his early career. He told, ‘My wife told me that it is nothing less than a miracle that you are still in the industry. When I asked why you are saying this, Shabana said that you have offended so many people like you, you should have finished by now.

people are not used to hearing no

Manoj Bajpayee further said, ‘Big people in the industry are not used to hearing no and I have said no many times. I have fought many times for the right opportunity. I have to admit that at times I have been too offensive and I had no way out. Money will be given according to how your film is performing at the box office and I was not ready for that. I said that I am here for so many years, so I want space in the poster as well. That’s why I fought ‘.

Being protective gets scolded

Manoj Bajpayee was asked how he protects his close ones? The actor told that he used to be very protective of his wife and daughter. Manoj said, ‘If I am of a more protective nature, then I also get scolded. Today’s women, be it my wife or my daughter, they don’t want you to be extra protective of them and somewhere they are right in their place. In this way, excessive protectiveness can become suffocating.

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