After controversial social media post, Barsha and Sanjog at Riyasha’s wedding

Actress Barsha Raut and actor Sanjog Koirala, who turned their 7-year love relationship into marriage in 2075, are called ‘ideal couple’. Their love and respect for each other has become an inspiration for many. However, for some time now, the film industry has been buzzing with the talk that the relationship between this couple is not good. Which has also made their fans restless.

Last year, after Barsha deleted all the pictures with Sanjog from Instagram, there was talk that their relationship had broken. Later, Barsha told the media that she had a big fight with Sanjog and even thought of divorce, but things were resolved within a few days. Shortly after that, she along with her husband attended the wedding and reception party of actors Salon Basnet and Karisma KC. 

A few days ago, the three serious posts written by Barsha on her Instagram story again started the discussion that their relationship is in crisis. She wrote on her Insta story, ‘I’m tired of being around people who don’t understand honesty’. She said that the compromise is too much, does the word compromise only apply to the girl? She even asked that.

Barsha’s status raised suspicions that she might have had a problem with her marriage. Meanwhile, both were seen together at model Riyasha Dahal’s wedding on Wednesday. Sanjog has shared two pictures of him in a romantic mood with Barsha on Facebook to fuel the discussion of the market. And wrote, ‘You and me. At another’s wedding. Looking for food, enjoying.’ In the picture, these two are seen laughing hysterically.

Sanjog Koirala and Barsha Raut

Talking about ‘Workfront’, the movie ‘Aincho Paincho’ starring Barsha is going to be released on Bhadra 29. Probably, she will be able to work in the third sequel of ‘Jatra’, ‘Mahajatra’. Sanjog has not been active in acting for a few years. He has started various businesses of his own. The ‘Tea Adda’ operated by him is very famous. Sanjog has also dabbled in the stock market.

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