Sharad and Nisha were seen together to celebrate their son’s birthday

After actress Nisha Adhikari, who turned her five-year love affair with cricketer Sharad Bheshwakar into marriage in 2074, filed a case of alimony against her husband in the Kathmandu District Court on Bhadra 28 last year, the talk of a crisis in their marital life sparked a stir in the film and cricket industry. Nisha had filed an anshbanda case against Sharad without getting a divorce. 

In the case filed by Nisha demanding that she and her son be given a share, the court ordered to demand distribution of Bheshwakar’s property (full details of the property). When criticisms started about this issue, Nisha gave a clarification on Facebook saying that this is their personal matter and that they are working in a good manner with great maturity.

Nisha and Sharad were seen together on their son’s birthday amid talk of marital crisis. On Thursday, Nisha shared some pictures from her son Yuvan’s 5th birthday celebration on social media, in one of which she is seen with her husband and son. Both look happy in the picture. Nisha shared a picture with Sharad after almost one and a half years. 

It is understood that Nisha may have shared the picture as a sign that they will always stand together for the sake of their son. This picture also shows the union between them. Nisha and Sharad’s broken relationship has made the fans happy with the picture of them together on their son’s birthday. Nisha gave birth to Yuvan in America in 2075.

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