Pramila’s pain in the song ‘Hookha’

The song ‘Jau Naau’ of the film ‘Hookha: An Absurd Dream’ directed by Shambhu Thapa, which is going to be released on Jestha 12th, has been released. The song has vocals and lyrics composed by Yushin Rai and music by Prayat Shrestha. The song shows the mood and psychology of the characters in the film. The song includes scenes from the film with some dialogues. The audio of the song is strong. 

Starring Prakash Ghimire, Santosh Kumar Atreya, Pramila Khanal, Tej Giri, Ashu Neupane, Talisa Gurung, Nischal Bimal etc., the film has the story of actor Atreya and screenplay by Atreya and Bhagwan Paudel. Reshma Pradhan is the co-producer, Parvati Thapa, Sushila Gurung and Sagar Godar Chhetri are the producers, Kamal Bahadur Bhujel and Kiran Kumar Atreya are the executive producers of the film.

Station Five and FD Company have taken the distribution rights of the film. Actress Pramila Khanal has claimed that the film will give the taste of local rice. Similarly, the actor Tej Giri has said that his character in the film will bring a twist to the story. He said that the female character is the hero in the film. The film narrates the story of the family events.

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