From Jestha 11, the third season of “Sakkigoni”, the touching teaser has been released

Popular television comedy series ‘Sakkigo Ni’ third season air date has been announced. Producer JPT Creation released the teaser and announced that the program will be broadcast from 11th Jestha. Although it is a serial of comedy genre, the teaser is serious and touching.

The teaser depicts a character who is about to fly to Qatar with the dream of family happiness and earning money. The third season of this serial directed by Kumar Kattel and Arjun Ghimire is also ready to be produced with around 100 episode.

As a promotional teaser, we have included the topic of foreign employment. But this is not a trailer. The serial is produced in the same story and style that Sakkigo Niko has been in the past,’ Director Kattel told, ‘We are thinking of working on good themes as much as possible. In the third season as well, we will include potential comedians.

About the teaser, director Kattel said, ‘What we are making is a comedy serial. There are no jobs in the country, education and health have gone beyond the reach of common people. It is only trying to make a connection that you are coming with a smile even in the midst of the country’s pain, lack and hopelessness.’

This serial will be broadcast on Himalaya TV HD on Thursday at 8 pm. In the serial, actor Kattel will play the role of Jigri Bro. Earlier this character was only after the girl. But it also comes from him matured on sensitive issues. Jigri Bro will give the message that the youth should be mature,” said Kattel about his character.

It is said that the actors from the previous season will be continued in the third season. Director Kattel said that after the end of the third season, the ‘Sakkigoni’ team is also planning to make a film. “Probably this year Sakkigoni Team’s feature film will come,” he said.

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