Pooja’s tiktok in Samikshya’s song, therefore meaningful

A year ago, after a minor singer filed a complaint with the police against actor Paul Shah, the filmmakers themselves were divided. Some stood in support of Paul, some gave the singer a lot of confidence. At that time, actress Pooja Sharma was at the forefront of openly advocating that Paul was innocent. She even raised questions about the singer’s character in defense of the moment.

A complaint was filed against Paul before the release of the film ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2’. Paul appeared before the police after the release of the film. In the meantime, Pooja went from hall to hall wearing a t-shirt with Paul’s picture and even cried remembering Paul. At that time, she questioned the singer’s character and said, ‘You should think how much you should do at your age’ and gave an unlimited and rude expression. 

Pooja also became supporter involved in settling the incident between Paul and the singer. After Paul appeared at the police office, she said, ‘I have studied this case. I also wanted to patch up this case. But later I thought it was all planning.’ She also said that she did not understand the definition of rape after Paul’s incident.

Pooja was furious with the singer at that time for suing Paul. Now Pooja has started making Tik Tok videos on songs sung by the same singer. She has also mentioned the singer by sharing the song ‘Laija Sandesh’ which was released on YouTube three days ago on her Instagram story. It is seen as very meaningful.

The main reason for her growing distance with Paul is that she made Tiktok on Samikshya’s song and mentioned her. Now there is talk that they do not have a good relationship. After being released from prison, Pooja has not even met Paul. Whereas, to celebrate Paul’s birthday, she reached the jail with a cake. Pooja, who considers herself incomplete without Paul, is now distancing herself from him. 

There is an understanding that Pooja may have tried to tease Paul by making TikTok on the singer’s song. It is said that she was angry that Paul did not come to see him after he left. Some have speculated that Pooja may have made Tiktok in her song to improve her relationship with the singer. However, Pooja’s relationship with someone improving and deteriorating is a new thing. She has good experience in this.

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