Aanchal is left out of the matter of Pooja!

There is no warm relationship between some actors in the Nepali film industry. However, they show close friendship in front of the media. In reality, water is the same condition over and over again. For the last few years, two Sharma actresses, Pooja and Aanchal, have had an undeclared cold war. You just have to get a chance, they don’t back down to slander and sneer at each other. Suppose, they are Pushpa Kamal Dahal and KP Oli of Nepali films. 

Some time ago, when Aanchal called Pooja ‘Agraj’, Pooja retaliated by calling her ‘Bauju’. Recently in an interview, after Aanchal said that she eats vegetables without salt to get slim, Pooja also targeted Aanchal in a roundabout way and said that she does not stop eating food and no doctor says that she should not eat food. This episode has become a topic of wide discussion in the film industry.

Aanchal, who had recently reached the birthday of director Vikasraj Acharya, was questioned by a mediaperson about Pooja’s sarcasm, after gossip started in the media about the bickering between them about salt and not food. However, she did not agree to talk about Pooja. She tried to avoid possible controversy by saying that now they are in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 6’ and there is no Pooja in it. 

However, Aanchal clarified about not eating salt. ‘I did not eat salt for a limited time only. After the new year, I started eating,” she says. “I am in a cameo part in ‘Bashme Don’. I didn’t eat salt while coming with ‘transformation’ in my body to see what I could do to make it look good. Let’s leave when another project comes. Eat again. It’s not a big deal.’

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