Riyasha getting married to Victor

Kathmandu- Artist Riyasha Dahal is going to get married to Victor Paudel ‘Routine’, the owner of Routine of Nepal band. They are going to turn their long time love into marriage. Sources close to Riyasha said that Riyasha and Victor are going to get married on this 22 Baisakh.

Riyasha, a resident of Suryavinayak, Bhaktapur, and Victor, a resident of Goldhunga, have been in love for about three years. Riyasha came into limelight with the video series ‘Aajkalko Love’ which is broadcasted on YouTube. Recently, she is busy acting in ‘Garo Chha Ho’ .

Victor is the founder of the popular Facebook page ‘Routine of Nepal Band’ with more than 3.6 million likes, the page is very popular among the young generation.

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